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5th April, Maundy Thursday, 2012

This is a re-run, with some slight adjustments, of the same service last year - and it is completely different.  Because the core of the evening is the meal we eat together, the words simply provide a liturgical framework within which we meet with each other and with our Lord.  
After the service concluded the youth group settled in for the night; watching movies and preparing for the Good Friday service the following day...
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April 1st, 2012; Palm Sunday: Revelation 7

The handout referred to in this sermon was in a format that I could easily paste ontot he bottom of these notes, so for once you can see what I was talking about!  
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25th March, 2012: Revelation 6.9-17

One of the more terrifying passages of Revelation - but well worth understanding!
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For Heritage Sunday we work without electrical equipment, so I was doing the thundering preacher thing - wonderfully appropriate when working with this material!  
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This sermon carries on from where the previous week's left off.  I was somewhat blown away, in preparing for it, when I considered the implications for our nation of what I was reading.  What am I talking about?
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The parable which begins this sermon is based on my own father and his twin's hobby of boat-building as teenagers, heating and bending boards as described in their dad's garage.  
This sermon was an introduction to communion...
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26th Feb, 2012, Revelation 3

Again, the congregation had a page-full of notes including connections to other scriptures - and so did I when I preached this.  Unfortunately, they were produced in One-note, and I can't reproduce them here, with all the arrows and other connections.  Contact me through the church website and I can send you a pdf version if you'd like it.  
These are skeleton notes, arranging the scriptures according to the structure of the letters to the final three churches.  I recall that I made quite a big deal of the way in  which the words of Jesus in each case are completely relevant to the life of the church in that specific city.  
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February 19th, Revelation 2.8-9

Unfortunately the notes and diagrams referred to in this sermon can't be made available on this archive, but if you contact us through the church website (see link on the left) we can send you PDF files of them.  The church camp referred to in this sermon was focussed upon doing evangelism, and the sermon begins with the children's talk...

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Feb 5th, 2012, Revelation 1.9-20

The second in our series on Revelation, looks at John's vision of Jesus, the key element of the entire visionary book...

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