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The charts showing the plagues of Revelation and comparing it to the rest of the Bible

Seven Seals

Seven Trumpets

Seven Bowls

6.1 A conquering Rider

8.7 Hail, fire, blood

16.2 Painful sores

6.3-4 A rider on a red horse removes peace

8.8-9 Fiery mountain into the sea: 1/3 becomes blood

16.3 Sea turns to blood

6.5-6 Rider on a black horse with scales (famine)

8.10-11 1/3 of rivers are poisoned

16.4-7 Rivers turn to blood

6.7-8 A rider on a pale horse kills 1/4 of the people

8.12 1/3 of sun, moon, and stars are struck

16.8-9 Sun scorches the earth

The first four plagues are described briefly;

the next three are all described in MUCH more detail. 

6.9-11 Martyrs under the altar seek justice

9.1-11 locusts from the dark cloud torture people

16.10-11 Darkness and agony

6.12-17 Cosmic chaos; sun, moon, and stars fall

9.13-19 cavalry from the Euphrates kill 1/3 of people

16.12-16 Armies from the east cross the Euphrates and mass at Harmageddon.

7.1-17 Interlude: sealing of 144 000,

multitude before the lamb

10.1-11.14 Interlude: eating of the scroll

and the testimony of the two witnesses

No interlude

8.1 Silence in heaven, prayers of the saints,

Lightening, rumblings, thunder, earthquake. 

11.15-19 Kingdoms of this world have become God's. Temple opens, Lightening, rumblings, thunder, earthquake, hail.

16.17-21 "It is Done"

Lightening, rumblings, thunder, earthquake, hail.

Table adapted from Making Sense of the Book of Revelation by Laurie Guy, 2009, Regent's Park College, Oxford, pg 89

The 10 plagues of Exodus:

  1. Nile turned to blood
  2. Frogs
  3. Gnats
  4. Flies
  5. Cattle disease
  6. Sores and boils on people and animals
  7. Hail and thunderstorm
  8. Locusts
  9. Darkness
  10. Death of the firstborn. 

Ps 78.43-52

Ps 105.27-36

Amos 4.6-13

Rivers turn to blood




Waters become blood; fish die




Blight and mildew destroy crops

Caterpillars and locusts

Flies and Gnats

Locusts devour trees

Hail and frost destroy vegetation

Hail and lightening destroy vines and trees


Hail and lightening destroy livestock

Locusts destroy crops

Conquest in war

Death of the firstborn

Destruction of firstborn

Some overthrown as were Sodom and Gomorrah.

Table adapted from Word Biblical Commentary, Vol 52b: Revelation 6-16, by David Aune, 1998, Word Books, Dallas, CD-Rom